Quality of Detail

Welcome to Quality of Detail

Are you looking for a very special car? A car with a very special equipment? You have no idea how to make your luxurious dreams come true?
Come to me! I know it.

For many years I have maintained contacts all over the world and I am able to provide you with every segment, every conceivable model. My love is for cars of all segments that have a high degree of lovable details, that are of excellent quality and are simply perfect. I do not have any contractual obligations towards specific manufacturers - instead I maintain global contacts. No matter what model you are looking for in any segment: I will find it for you.

As a customer, you can expect comprehensive, personalised advice from me. I know the luxury car manufacturers as well as the different variants of equipment. Always up-to-date, always faithful and reliable. Let us work together to make your vehicle dreams come true!


Since 2006 surrounded by luxurious vehicles.

My name is Benjamin Schröter. Since 2016 I have been self-employed as a sole trader. I was born in Bielefeld, Germany. I've always been passionate about vehicles - I'm fascinated by automobiles with a particularly high-quality design. Since I have a good eye for luxurious equipment and high-quality products, I decided at some point to turn my passion into my profession.

It's not just for automobiles that the devil is usually in the details. It is the details, the precise additives, the interplay of details that make us love or hate an object. I would call it quality of detail.

Let us make your vehicle dreams come true together!


My services include:

  • an individual consultation, which goes across all manufacturers, segments and price ranges. I advise you on vehicle data and availability and personalise your car together with you.

  • the specific model search for each manufacturer you want.

  • the provision of special offers for your future vehicle. The vehicle is freely configurable for you after the down payment has been received.

  • the use of all my contacts to provide your vehicle. This applies to new cars as well as used cars, including access to distributors and suppliers.

  • the handling of customs and air freight modalities on a personalised level.

  • the procurement of collector's vehicles, collector's vehicles and investor vehicles on the global market.

  • comprehensive advice on the market value of your dream car. A high-quality vehicle is always also a financial investment - tangible assets protect capital from inflation and generate higher returns than is currently possible via interest rates.

Historic vehicles always show a continuous development of engineering as well as design. It is this interplay of historical authenticity, luxurious equipment and many years of careful maintenance that makes old cars so valuable. Take advantage of this emotional capital investment! I am united with you in this passion.


Everything used to be better? Oldtimer!

The history of the automobile is a history of detail-obsessed luxury. An automobile was never simply a practical means of transport - it was always a status symbol, an expression of wealth, of joie de vivre. However, this is perhaps less evident in contemporary models than in historic vehicles. Because the latter remind us of our long history as mobile people. And of course, classic cars always offer a very special driving pleasure! Travelling in an automobile was a special experience from 50, 80, 100 years ago compared to today. That is why these vehicles breathe the glamour of past times. Well preserved and maintained, classic cars are always an investment. And if your dream car is only 20 or 30 years old after all, we are talking about a youngtimer - which of course is no less detailed, luxurious and comfortable.

Premium class sports cars - for all those in a hurry

Beautiful contours, gentle curves, an impressive voice and performances that are worth seeing: Sports cars are the expression of a very special attitude towards life. No wonder that the racy cars are so popular. But which sports car best expresses your personality? I would be happy to advise you! Compare different models and see what is possible.

Hypercars and prototypes?

There is no clear definition. The prototype is considered a performance-oriented enhancement of the sports car, the Hypercar a luxurious version of the prototypes. And how can I make your dreams come true? I can get you elite models of Ferrari and Lamborghini just as gladly as Koenigsegg or Pagani. Since these special cars are always produced in small numbers, they represent a wonderful investment.


The detail often represents detail or magnification. Accuracy is another crucial factor to explain the detail. If you were to ask yours truly about sensation, detail would stand for infatuation. In my opinion, the valence of individual components stands out.

Detail quality stands for high quality, high value work and exquisite materials.